Yog Yatra

BBPS, GRH Joined hands with Mokshayatam Yog Sansthan, an Organisation dedicated to conserve the Cultural & Spiritual Heritage of India by means of Yoga, by signing a Memorandum of Understanding on 19th May, 2018. To promote a Healthy & Harmonius way of Life and to in-build Yoga as an inseparable part of the life, Yog Yatra was inaugurated on 7th July, 2018 in the School Campus. 103 participants have been registered till date from the neighbourhood community. Ms Prerana Sharma from Mokshayatam was extended a warm welcome leading to a formal inauguration of the event followed by a Yoga Session. All the participants performed Yog Asans – Meditation, Taadasan, Padhastasana, Vakrasana, Manduk Asan, Pawanmuktasana, Bhujangasana & Alom-Vilom Pranayam. Intense Yoga Session was concluded with relaxation through Shavasana & resonating chants of “Om”.
The Session was indeed was fruitful one and played a vital role in awakening the spirit of good & wholesome health of one & all.