Inclusive Education

Inclusive education is the most effective way of giving all children a fair chance to go to school, learn and develop the skills they need to thrive. It means real learning opportunities for groups who have traditionally been excluded – not only children with disabilities, but speakers of minority languages, children from socially disadvantaged or economically weaker backgrounds communities, students who are gifted or with low IQs and children in the remotest corners of the country. Institutes run by the Child Education Society value the unique contributions students of all backgrounds bring to the classroom and allow diverse groups to grow side by side, to the benefit of all. Being a chain of one of the reputed CBSE schools in Delhi ,we aim at developing scholastic personalities and imparting knowledge to maximize, optimize skills and competencies. As part of the inclusive set up, we ensure that the children with special needs are facilitated into the regular classroom with assistance from the School Counselor and the Special Educator. We follow the CBSE prescribed provisions to optimize the child’s potential. For this purpose the teachers and parents are sensitized regularly. Counted amongst top CBSE  schools in Delhi ,we ensure collaborative participation of all the stakeholders in a child’s life. A child with disability is given ample opportunity for harnessing his/her hidden talents and optimizing the existing abilities. We believe that no child has a lack of ability but suffers the lack of their ability being tapped.


●     Keeping our students culturally and spiritually aware of our common values and traditions

●     Organizing visits to orphanages and old age homes to foster universal compassion

●     Collaborating with NGOs to share skills with the underprivileged

●     Giving women from disadvantaged sections hands on skill-based training

●     Eco ambassadors spreading awareness about social causes

●     Pioneering the cause of women empowerment and gender equality

●     Reserving 25% seats for the EWS category and supporting them with free textbooks and other necessities.

●     Special educators for each department take care of the academic progress.

●     Frequent parent teacher meetings and counseling sessions are organized to address behavioral and adjustment concerns.

●     Enabling the children to reach their optimum level of potential through individualized educational programs which are subject to constant evaluation

and revision.

●     The School Counselor organizes regular workshops and seminars to update staff members on the latest techniques of classroom management.

●     Teachers encourage peer mentors to help the student with special needs to assist them academically as well as socially.

●     At the school level, teachers are trained, buildings refurbished and students receive accessible learning materials.


The CES fraternity continuously endeavors at working for the good of all students.

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