Smart Classroom

Worldwide there has been a strong push to get educational technology into the hands of teachers and students .The answer for the same was smart class program whose purpose is to empower teachers with technology right inside their classrooms. The program enables teachers to use digital resources such as graphics, animations, 3D images, and video clips in addition to the chalk and talk methods of teaching in their day to day teaching life. This results in a completely new multi-sensory learning experience for students and helps them to improve their academic performance. The class rooms turn into lively learning platforms for students and teachers can choose from a mix of teaching tools such as the traditional chalk and black board coupled with graphics, sound, animations and videos. It enhances the teaching learning process by making classrooms more interactive and more interesting.
Smart classroom is also used to share educational and motivational stories through videos and graphics.
It is also available over the Web and can be installed on the School’s local server for easy and quick access to content. The Smart class online is a 21st century e-learning platform that has been built around the theme of ‘LEARN, SHARE and PERFORM.’


1. An existing room/space inside the school campus is converted to a KNOWLEDGE CENTER. It is equipped with a library of digital resources mapped to the school syllabus. The knowledge center is equipped with a few teacher workstations with computer for teachers and a dedicated server.
2. A full time RESOURCE COORDINATOR is deployed at the knowledge center to train and support the teachers.
3. The teachers preview the digital content related to their subjects in the knowledge center before actually showing it to the students to ensure proper lesson planning.
4. The knowledge center server is connected to the smart classrooms through a campus wide structured Ethernet network.
5. The classrooms are converted to smart class rooms by installing a DIGIBOARD SYSTEM. It is a tamper proof, lockable digital system which allows digital material to be displayed in the classroom with amplified sound system.

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