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Teacher Professional Development, Not an Event, It’s a Process

We cannot expect students to change what they do if we are content for teachers to continue doing what they have always done.

1. BBPS Training Centre is an important institution of Child Education Society with the purpose of continuous professional development for teachers through in service capacity building programmes.

2. Major programmes designed by the training centre are:

  • Professional Development Programme for teachers of Mont-I to Class XII
  • Capacity Building Programmes for activity based learning and proper use of ICT in Teaching Learning Process.
  • Visit of experienced and competent teachers of one unit to another.
  • Certificate and Diploma programme for School Leadership.
  • Education Research through Action Research Programme for the Teachers.
  • Publications of CES Books.

Aims & Objectives

The aims of continuous Teacher Professional Development are:

1. Enrich and update teachers’ knowledge in their discipline, pedagogy and other areas of school curriculum continuously.
2. Develop a culture of shared learning and accountability such that teachers are not mere recipients of training conceptualized in a top down manner but are engaged with the task to develop their own and the group’s knowledge.

3. Evolve a mechanism by which effective programmes of teacher professional development can be initiated for large number of teachers in vastly different areas and to deal with a range of diverse learners for inclusive education.

4. Research and reflect on the gaps in students’ learning and their progress

5. To continuously upgrade and enrich teacher’s knowledge about the latest developments in Education.

6. Understand and update their knowledge on social issues

7. Apply Information Communication Technology (ICT) in their classrooms for better student learning.

8. Motivate and regenerate enthusiasm of teachers to inculcate interest in innovations.

Work Plan

Following units have been created in the BBPS Training Centre in order to plan and conduct various training programmes:

1) Training Division

2) Resource Centre

3) Research,Development and Publication Division.

Training Division
As per CBSE norms, each teacher is required to undergo at least 7 days of professional development training. Internationally in a country like Singapore, the teachers take up 100 hrs of professional development training every year.

Keeping in mind the quantum of training required, it is proposed that the training duration of each teacher in one academic session to be at least one week.

With such a tremendous training load it is obvious that different strategies need to be adopted for achieving the above mentioned target.

i) Professional Development Programme for the Primary Teachers:

a) On first and third Saturday of the month the teachers are available in the school. The training division plans to reach out to the Primary school teachers in the school

b) In the NCR region the experts will visit the schools, observe teaching learning in the classroom and conduct Workshops with teachers on teaching of Mathematics, English, Hindi and EVS. There will be follow up Workshops for the same.

c) Outside NCR region – For the schools in the same region, professional development for class organization and mode of assessment will be conducted with the support and help of local resource persons. A representative of the Training Centre will coordinate such Programmes. The professional development Programme will be conducted with a follow up cycle.

d) During summer vacations/winter breaks etc. Professional Development Programme in use of “ICT in the classroom” “Effective and creative use of Smart Boards”, “Action Research in Primary classrooms”, “Use of Internet Based Resources”, “Assessment for understanding” will be conducted by the training division.

ii) Professional Development Programme for the Middle, Secondary and Sr. Secondary Teachers: All such Programmes will be conducted by the training division at its premises with the teachers being invited for the Training Programme. The Training Programmes will not only focus on enrichment and upgradation of content knowledge but also on Assessment” “Action research” and “Creating Innovative Teaching Learning Strategies” etc. Also Programmes on “Usage of Internet Base Resources”, etc would be taken up to make the teachers aware of international trends in the teaching learning process

iii) Special Professional Development Programme for music teachers, art teacher and counselors, librarians etc are also envisaged to reach out to all the segments of the teaching community.

iv) Professional Development Programme for Bal Bharati Public School Units Outside NCR: A calendar of Professional Development Programme to be conducted in a particular academic session, in consultation with the Academic Council, will be drawn well in advance. The same will be forwarded to all the school principals. For the participants from outside Delhi, boarding and lodging arrangements will be made by BBPS Training Centre. Expenses for the boarding and lodging charges and training programme will be borne by the participating school.

Teachers from Bal Bharati Public School, Ludhiana shall be a part of  the Programme conducted at BBPS Training Centre.

In addition – For the outside centers, BBPS Training Centre will organize Programmes at Navi Mumbai and Bhopal, at least twice in a year.

Experienced resource persons, will be shortlisted and invited to conduct these Programmes

a) At Navi Mumbai teachers from following schools will be invited
i) Bal Bharati Public School Navi Mumbai
ii) Bal Bharati Public School Ratnagiri
iii) Bal Bharati Public School Jhanor

b) At Bhopal teachers from following schools will be invited
i) Bal Bharati Public School Nishat Pura, Bhopal
ii) Bal Bharati Public School Neelbad Bhopal
iii) Bal Bharati Public School Sipat
iv) Bal Bharati Public School Anuppur

Resource Centre

At Teacher Resource Centre (TRE) our aim is to foster and facilitate:

i) Strategic planning
ii) Organizational planning
iii) Resourcefulness
iv) Creativity
v) Empowerment

The resource center would provide/facilitate/the following needs of the schools/ teaching community

a) Provide reference materials for enrichment in content of (school subjects), pedagogy, innovations in teaching learning process, recent researches in various aspects of teaching learning process etc.

b) Create resources for usage in the class rooms like activities to be done, exploring projects question bank etc.

c) Create a reference cum demo system for the learning materials being generated by various organizations.

d) Create a mechanism – Digital and internet based for access to resources generated by the resource center.

e) Developing Science Kits for Students.

f) To create a platform (digital) for sharing experiences, experimentation and innovation done by teachers.

g) Production of Multimedia teaching aids.

Research, Development and Publication Division:

There is an urgent need to bridge the gap between various Educational theories and classroom practices. Hence it is important to focus research – practice synergy by evolving Educational models of teacher learning for pedagogy needed in 21st century. Staff development that improves learning of all students uses a study and exploration to determine Professional development priorities, monitor progress and help to make a continuous improvement. This unit surveys the entire school education and bring out researches which are relevant to teachers and students and communicate the implementable implications of research

i) Such researches along with the action researches done by the teachers will be published digitally through Training Center website. Also monographs (limited edition publication) will be brought out.

ii) Developmental works regarding following will be taken up in a phased manner.

a. Completion of activities to be done in classrooms for teaching learning of various subjects

b. Compilation of assessment questions for assessment of understanding, knowledge and application of the various concepts will be developed.

c. Activity sheets for various subjects and their compilation

d. Exploratory tasks and assignments, projects (which have been done with classroom) and Teaching learning through such strategies.

All the above databases will be developed in collaboration with teachers and will be available in print form.

Conduct of online tests
Training of Teachers for important competitive exams such as NTSE, NSEP and NMO
Also to hold Mock examinations for students.

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