Each unit of Child Education Society has a House System which is cherished as a means of developing our students into becoming leaders for better world. The idea is to give them training to boost their self-confidence and inculcate team spirit, cooperation, mutual understanding and a spirit of camaraderie. It encourages healthy competition within a supportive environment and instills into students resolve, determination, creativity, collaboration and an awareness of the importance of community.

The students are divided into houses at Primary, Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary level. Each house is headed by a Housemaster. The House gives a sense of identity and pride to its members and thus quality of the performances is enhanced.

House Captains, Deputy House Captains, Sports Captains are also selected from each house.
It is mandatory for each student to be a part of a House.

A plethora of Inter House competitions and activities are conducted throughout for the students to promote Unity, Belongingness and Pride within the Schools. It is ensured that all students take part in one or the other competition and from herein are selected the best to represent the school at Inter School Levels.

In Bal Bharati Schools, we have following Houses:


  1. Abhimanyu
  2. Ashoka
  3. C V Raman
  4. Jawahar
  5. Mother Teresa
  6. Shastri
  7. Shivaji
  8. Subhash
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