The affairs of Child Education Society are efficiently and deftly managed by professionals who are deeply venerated in their field of specialization.
(i) Finance Manager:
  • Helps with streamlining the day to day functioning of accounts departments of all units.
  • Sets up SOPs to improve the working of all accounts related staff.
  • Collaborates with financial institutions.
  • Guides about the correct financial practices, keeps a check on regular filing of PF,
  • ESI returns and managing other obligatory financial liabilities.


(ii) Facility Manager:
  • Coordinates and collaborates with school Admin and Estate Managers to ensure maintenance of all school buildings.
  • Monitors the work allotted to various agencies, verifies their rates and adherence to quality norms.
  • Gets electrical and civil audits done for all school buildings.


(iii) Advocates and Senior Professionals in the field of Law, Company and Corporate affairs assist the Society in dealing with legal tangles.
(iv) Chartered Accountants:
  • Reputed and well-established CA firms are on board to guide the schools in financial matters.
  • Regular internal and statutory audits are conducted, Balance Sheets, Fund Flows and Budgets are prepared to meet all statutory obligations.


(v) Advisors:
  • Services of Retired principals and other senior members from the field of education are enlisted to bring about a paradigm shift in the learning-teaching methodologies.
  • To raise the graph of academic achievement.
  • To give a thrust to innovations and action research in schools.


All employees enjoy autonomy in their respective fields but are ultimately accountable to the Apex Body. Air-conditioned, clean, congenial and aesthetic environs are provided to all officials. Work stations are equipped with the latest gadgets to ensure optimum efficiency and derive maximum output.
Child Education Society is a good pay-master; timely and fair payments are transferred to the employees’ bank accounts at the end of the month.
There is relative freedom for the staff to come dressed in formals/casuals as per their inclinations, but it is expected that decorum is maintained in appearance, deportment, language and conduct.
Regular teaching and non-teaching staff is recruited in all schools, mostly w.e.f first of July.
The vacancies are advertised in leading English national dailies. Vacancies of all schools are posted centrally on the Society’s website also. The applicants can register on-line for the advertised vacancy. A stringent selection procedure comprising Written Test, Preliminary and Final interviews by a panel of experts is exercised before finalizing the candidates.
The staff member is initially placed on probation for one year which is extendable upto two years if the performance of the employee does not come upto the mark. At the end of the probation period the employee is duly confirmed in service and all benefits accrue to him.

To view various job opportunities of different units, click the given links

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