Mail 1

On the onset I would like to thank the Bal Bharti Pariwar for giving me this opportunity to share my personal insight for the school with all of you  We as parents want nothing but the best for our children and I am sure all of you present here would admit that choosing the right school for our children has been a decision as difficult as risking our savings made for old age. There is so much insecurity within us .For the first time our babies step out of our protective shadow to learn to fly on their own. It is a difficult decision, to leave our beloved in unknown hands .More than the children, it's we -the parents , who find the transition difficult .Atleast I did. Being an overprotective mom, I was perhaps more inconsolable than my son Atharv. Even the best of reviews from existing student's parents did not lessen my anxiety .But in just a couple of days I came to realise that I have taken the right decision by choosing BBPS.

Let me narrate an incident here. On the first day of school when we came to know that each class houses an average of 45 children , we felt that it was too large a strength for a single teacher , especially when the class consists of four yr old first timers. One of the skeptical parent remarked that our children will get lost in the crowd and my own skepticism grew. But in just three days all my worries were taken care of. On the very third day of school , my son was particularly adamant about not going to school .I coaxed him to go by putting a small candy in his pocket .By then , when I had not even expected the class teacher to know him by name , I was pleasantly surprised when the class teacher walked up to me that afternoon to tell me that I should not have done that .Firstly candies are unhealthy and are not encouraged in the school and secondly it would inculcate the wrong habit in my child.I was exhilarated.If this is the kind of undivided attention a teacher in Bal bharti gives to her students , we sure have all reasons to believe this school is their second home.Ms Apoorva Kapoor hope u r listening and feeling as nostalgic as I am.

This was just one, but there are many more such incidents where the teachers and staff of the school reinstated my trust and confidence in them .One more remarkable incident that I can recall today is where I had penned a negative remark for my son in his PTM diary and his overprotective class teacher  Mrs.Kavita Chaddha defended him so strongly and graciously that I had to take back my own remark .It was as if she was Atharv's mother and I was playing a stern judge. We have all from time to time received calls from class teachers to enquire about our child's health and we all know how it feels .Such a simple gesture and yet we feel our children are in loving hands.

I would also like to add here that this kind of benchmark is set by exceptional supervision. I have seen Mrs.Amrita Malhotra standing at the main entrance of the school to receive the children in their adaptation week and days to follow. I have seen her personally supervising the disbursal process in pouring rains. Mrs. Suruchi Gandhi, a highly rewarded and recognised educationist , in her address to the parents on orientation day, had put us all in so much ease when she shared her own experience as a parent .It was so comforting to know she has had her fair share of challenges as a mother and empathises with us completely .It was indeed heart-warming to see how she puts her motherly instincts into her administrative skills.


Talking about the education perspective, we all will admit that no unnecessary amount of pressure is thrusted upon our children here .Teachers are just a phone call away to clear our doubts about teaching methods. I specially appreciate the activity method they use and after a close comparison with children of same age group studying in other schools , I have concluded that our children are blessed to enjoy much more activities than  their counterparts. Visits to sabzi markets, petrol pumps, temples are like lessons outside classroom .Even the rewards are delightful ..how much our children enjoyed the much awaited treat at mc Donald's last week. What immense amount of effort and planning it must have taken the school behind all the stage performance our children have put up. Imagine how precisely n seamlessly the teachers work to take hundreds of children out of the campus .I am happy to be associated with a progressive institution like this.

Words are not enough to thank all that BBPS has done for us and will continue to do in days to come .I myself teach at the university but these wonderful women truly raise the benchmark for me .I would like to recall a quote here -'one looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material , but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant &  the soul of the child .

Proud parent of a Bal Bhartian !

Thank you and God bless

Regards Munmun Saxena


Mail 2

Respected Madam,

It was with great pleasure that I received a message on my mobile yesterday night that you had received the prestigious State Teacher’s Award.

Congratulations! This is in recognition of your many contributions, hard work, dedication, service and goodwill for the cause of education.  Great! I knew that this kind of award will come your way some day.  This award brings honour not only to your good self, but to the entire school of which you are such an illustrious leader.  Please accept our warmest congratulations.

I have always raised this aspect on many occasions that you have not only demonstrated effective leadership, creativity and innovation but worked collaboratively with colleagues and created positive learning environments that motivate students to excel.  You have defined leadership by results and not attributes.

There are thousands of great teachers inspiring students every day across a range of year levels and different curriculum areas and all teachers deserve recognition for their hard work and dedication to the teaching profession. This is the same for your teacher colleagues at Bal Bharati who have contributed to effective schooling, mainly quality teaching that has the greatest influence on student learning.

I remember some of my teachers who taught me values in life instead of only book knowledge.  Some were so cool like cucumber, thrived best to put ideas in average students mind.  Generally every teacher will get three types of students – above average, average and below average.  Normal teacher have no difficulty in polishing first and second category.  Real challenge is to uplift last category who got humiliated both at class and home.  Brilliant teacher identifies positive qualities in them.  Their dedication makes the dull student to understand complex matter in a simplest way.  This has gone true with my daughter, Shubhangana, who is an alumni of your school.  I am indebted to your leadership and all the teachers in the school for identifying the qualities in my daughter.  She is doing good in her first year of college.

You continue to be a great asset to Bal Bharati Public School and students studying in it.

Once again wishing you all the very best for many more such endeavours.


T R Vishwanathan

Senior Program Manager

Australian High Commission

New Delhi, India


Mail 3

Dear Madam,

First of all congratulations for continuing to be amongst the top 10 school in West Delhi.  I forgot to convey my best wishes to you when I met with you yesterday.

Every child needs to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and intellectually to be happy.  The school constantly makes efforts to mould its students into complete individuals so that they can explore new horizons, fathom new depths and carve a niche for themselves in the world.  The phenomenal success and high growth path that the school has displayed in recent times can be largely attributed to the knowledgeable and inspiring leadership of Madam Suruchi Gandhi, Principal of the school, of course, with support from team members like yourself.   The school is now a stand out educational institution and one of the best that provides pleasant ambience for the all round growth of the child.  The school also adhere to the requests and queries from parents, and time to time provide professional advice and suggestion on how to tackle and help our children in academic and otherwise by holding seminars and counselling sessions for the parents, which is very useful.

I am sure the school will continue to help students in developing their scientific and analytical brains and to train them to work for the upliftment of society as a whole. Coming to our yesterday meeting, I find it extremely beneficial and useful to have met you and my ward's class teacher, Ms Bhavna.  Her guidance and approach along with your effort will prove to be very fruitful for my ward.

I once again thank you and the class teacher for your time and tips.   All the very best.

Best regards,



Mail 4

Dear Suruchi Mam,

First of all accept my heartiest congratulations for organizing a hugely successful Annual Day Program. The program in its entirety was a glittering display of how hundreds of students including some very young kids and teachers and staff of your school can gel together in a team effectively and produce a stupendous show of light, color, dance, song, ideas and oration. The stage was literally very well managed and the audio and the video components worked remarkably well. Everything had a sign of some very neat and effective leadership holding each unit together so as to have a result that all of us witnessed on that evening of 11th November. At this moment I remember the Annual Day Program of my Alma Mater St. Xavier.s Patna, one of the best schools of the state then , a few decades back, and just wonder how times have gone ahead and how your school has managed to produce not only an impressive show but also a show of such a scale and grandeur. As I watched the program progressing I marveled at the clear and polished diction of the announcing teachers. I marveled at the amount of self confidence and enthusiasm I could see when the Principal presented the annual report. I was awe struck by the achievements of dear students who impressed not only by their sheer numbers but also by the magnitude of achievement. At times I was overwhelmed by the number of kids on stage with diverse and beautiful dress and by the sheer range of performances. School is certainly going to have a great future and I am thrilled that I have too become a part of this august community.

Let such show go on and become stepping stone for holistic growth  and future success.

Wishing all the best

K K Sinha 

Director PMO

Father of Sameer Sinha (X C)



Mail 5

Dear Principal Madam,

Another feather in your cap!!

I want to congratulate you and your school for being 4th ranked in among West Delhi schools.  The organisers (Hindustan Times) have done a great effort in doing this survey over three phases to rank the schools on their strengths in various fields.  The school has been appreciated for value for money and academic rigour scores which is fantastic.  It is a great inspiration not only to you, your staff and the children studying in the school but to us parents to send our wards to one of the best school.  I am sure it must have boosted your morale to do more. Through this mail, I would like to express my gratitude and encouragement.


Best wishes


P/O Ajitesh Vishwanathan, Class V-D

T R Vishwanathan, Senior Program Manager (Development)

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


Mail 6

The Principal

Bal Bharti Public School

Dwarka, New Delhi

Respected Madam,

I  feel  pleasure and proud to share my observations with regard to rising image of your esteemed  Institution  and credit for  which  goes to  the visionary  like you under whose leadership  the good  things have been happening  in natural course. Recently I came to know that on the request of parents you have decided to change the existing uniform to Salwar Kameez for girls. I fully appreciate your initiative and request you to implement it from class VI on optional basis for the whole year.

Further, in my views good teachers make all the quality difference in our lives. Such a bigger is the role of a teacher and such a pious is the profession.  With the grace of Almighty,   your esteemed school has teachers who are very encouraging and make each child grow with ease.  My special regards for Madam Nandita (English Teacher) whose special care and teaching skills have made me to have such impression about the school & teachers. She is a very fine teacher and such teachers are valuable assets for the school and for our society as well. You are requested to convey our appreciation to Madam Nandita. My best wishes for the glorious future of the school & regards for the teachers & staff.



Yours sincerely

Narender Singh Anand

Father of Gurleen Kaur Anand

Class VII C


Mail 7

Thanks a lot madam, I personally praise your instantiation and innovation nonetheless but only for the purpose to get victory on actual height of success and to defeat the impossibilities in the education world despite not having well health last year, you have achieved that goal which in normal not easily possible for a simple personality. That's why you are special one in education world and I salute your dedication for the betterment of our children.

Wish you all the best for your another height of achievement after the present one.





Mail 8

Dear Madam

I would like Congratulate you Madam along with your team of most sensitive teachers and scholars which awarded this position to our school.we all are thankful to you and I personally salute your innovative for the betterment of our children as well as this esteemed school.

Thanks again for nice and proper updates.





Mail 9

Dear Principal,

We are proud to be associated with the school and sincerely hope that this is going to benefit Abhimanyu and all other students.  Really appreciate and acknowledge all your efforts you have made for the development of school and kids.

We’ll continue to educate Abhimanyu to behave, respect teachers and try to enjoy the learning process!

Best regards,

Sanjeev & Seema Rana

Parents of Abhimanyu Rana



Mail 10

Respected Madam,

Our heartiest felicitations to you and your team on remarkable achievement.

We are highly proud of your management skills. I know that it’s been a tough journey for you to get till here. With your dedication and hard work you finally achieved what you wanted to. Your diligence and commitment has certainly paid off.

We are sure that we will hear many more great news about your success. Keep up the great work.

Your perseverance and commitment to work are exemplary. We thank you for your commitment towards the school and society.


With best regards,


Lalit and Sapna Sachdeva

Parents of Aastha VII, Haripriya V and Raghav M-II


Mail 11

Dear Mrs. Gandhi,

Thank you for an excellent Annual Day celebration. My husband and I were so delighted to witness such an impressive display of talent and initiative. The discipline of the students from tiny tots to seniors was incredible and so commendable.

One could see the dedication of the staff and students in ensuring an unforgettable evening for the audience. Under your able leadership I am sure the school will attain greater heights.

With warm regards,

Reena Pandey

Ambassador [Retired] and

Consultant [Eurasia]

Ministry of External Affairs

New Delhi

Mob. 9717907744


Mail 12

Mrs. Suruchi Gandhi


Bal Bharati Public School


Dear Ma'am,

I learnt that HT carried out a Top School Survey in Delhi, and Bal Bharati Public School Dwarka has emerged as one of the top-10 schools in West Delhi.

It is a proud moment for us all and I wish to congratulate you for the giant strides forward the school has taken under your guidance.

Hope the good work continues in the coming years...



Rajesh Jain

+91 93100 41596

Father of Niharika Jain (VII-B) and Nikhil Jain (III-A)


Mail 13

Respected Mrs. Suruchi Gandhi

I must congratulate You & your esteemed Teachers for the  “ Show of Utmost Excellence & Precision”. It brought out vividly What is being imparted on the Children at the class room to take over the mantle of mantle of “ Future Leaders of the Society”. It will be more than a pleasure for me to get associated in any way in extending your tireless efforts to significant milestones.May GOD bless the BBPS community to create a “ New Universe “ of Values & culture which remains as a standing example for people to emulate.

Let me also sincerely pray GOD to Bless you with more zeal & enthusiasm to carry on the immaculate mission to its desired successful point.

With Warm regards



BBPS Brij Vihar

From: GYAN VERMA <gyanverma2002@yahoo.co.in>

Subject: Feedback as regards BBPS Brij Vihar

To: apsree11@gmail.com

Respected Mam,

Both of my children Srishti & Raghav are studying at BBPS Brij Vihar since Mont I. Srishti happens to be in class XI and Raghav is in class VI as of now. During my regular interactions with teachers and faculty members during PTM meetings, I must say BBPS BV has one of the best teachers across all sections and classes. Almost all teachers are highllypro active, passionate , knowledgeable and meticulous about their working. Besides that their is a good calender of extra curricular activities which are spread across complete year which again is very helpful in enhancing other skills in children. Those yearly trips to Solan with fun filled activites are like a different experience to all children and I am sure will be highly helpful in imbibing confidence , team spirit as well how to manage themselves well during trips. School not only just stresses on good education, but as well on discipline, respect for elders, cleaniliness and how to organize yourself well. School maintains a building and all classrooms as if they were built yesterday. During all my trips to schools I had always found classrooms, neat, clean, well lit and organized. Corridors, passages, play ground and even the toilets are maintained that way. All such things leave a positive impact on a child's mind which will surely help them grow as better persons. In totality I really feel myself lucky for my children studying in such a good school , under the guidance of such highly qualified teachers and staff.

Best regards


Gyanendra Verma


Mail 2

From: ChinmayeeSahoo<chinisahoo@gmail.com> To: vijisridhar@rediffmail.com Subject: About Bal Bharati Public School
I feel proud that my daughters are in Bal Bharati Public School. It really impresses me that the school has a good balance between physical activities and academics. The sports facilities are really commendable. The quality of extra curricular activities such as art ,crafts, dance, music, nukkadnatak is good. Presence of a full time counsellor and medical staffs having a well maintained medical room makes it a complete wholesome school.



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