Scholarships & Awards

‘Appreciation can make a day, even change a life’.

Encouragement in the form of scholarships and awards is essential to fuel passion, value hidden talents and give students a real sense of progress that makes the entire effort worthwhile. Applauding the students’ efforts, acknowledging their success and encouraging them in their pursuits, enables them to do more than what is expected. The Child Education Society acknowledges students’ enthusiasm, commitment, grit and perseverance in the field of academics, co-curricular activities and sports by appreciating them from time to time.

  • The Chairman’s Trophy is the biggest recognition given to a student in his school life. To claim this award, one needs to excel in academics as well as in co-curricular areas. In a nutshell, he/she needs to be an all rounder.
  • The school honors its alumni who have been successful in their field and have made a name in the society by awarding the President’s Trophy.
  • The Principal’s Silver Trophy is an honor bestowed upon an outstanding student who has shown remarkable achievement in academics and extra-curricular fields.
  • In the field of academics, Scholar Badge and Bench Mark certificates are given to reward the students who perform exceptionally well in core school subjects enabling them to realize what their strengths are and what they need to work upon.
  • Book reading has the power to benefit the children in myriad ways. To inculcate the habit of reading, students are given Good Reading Merit Awards (Gold, Silver and Bronze).
  • The Award for Outstanding Human Values is given to appreciate the students who have carved a niche for themselves on account of their courteous behavior and humane values. Students who know the magic of turning a moment of dejection into one of inspiration and are good team leaders are awarded with this title.
  • Child Education Society promotes holistic education and sports as an integral part of the school curriculum. It nurtures both individual and team efforts instilling commitment to go a little further, endure a little longer and look a little closer to see how one can add to the effort. To promote this, the budding sports stars who bring laurels to the institution are given certificates of merit  on the Annual Day for the game in which they excel. They are also awarded freeships.
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