1. Society to spread education in all areas through increased presence in remote areas and states.

Contributing towards the critical task of nation building while expanding the horizon of care and social outreach (CSR), the Society shall endeavour to set up educational institutions in remote territories having limited educational facilities so that holistic education can be provided to diverse communities.


  1. Establishment of New Schools with the possibility of alternative boards and inclusive school set ups.

Education is a tool that can be efficiently utilized to carve out a better world. In order to ensure equity and diversity in schools, the Society shall work towards the aim of establishing new school set ups with alternative boards, explore the possibility of inclusive schools and utilize the potential of virtual platforms to facilitate Online schools.


  1. Human Resource Development

The Society shall strive to establish a positive work culture and empower happy and healthy work force at BBPS Schools ensuring the financial, social and mental well-being of all employees, providing avenues for professional development and equipping all staff with the requisite 21st century skills. Optimum support shall be provided to teachers to undertake innovative, research- based pedagogical practices. Skill based workshops shall be organized for administrative staff, while housekeeping staff shall be provided appropriate training.


  1. Infrastructural development to ensure Safe School environment and Upgradation and beautification of School campuses(including landscaping).

A robust infrastructure is key to imparting high quality education and inculcating all-round competency. The Society shall strive to provide state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities and design new age multi-disciplinary spaces. It shall cultivate green campuses to help reduce carbon footprints and foster an environment-friendly consciousness. A safe and secure environment shall be ensured with due adherence to the State/DM guidelines.


  1. Excellence in Academics and Sports

The Society shall continue to empower students by providing them avenues for excellence in academics and sporting activities, thereby nurturing competent professionals and capable sportspersons, allowing the schools to grow in repute and glory.


  1. Promotion of Indian heritage and global citizenship, along with an emphasis on intercultural linkages in the classroom.

The Society is committed towards moulding enlightened and engaged citizens of a global community. It promotes the spirit of Internationalism while preserving our rich cultural heritage. The emphasis shall remain on adapting best educational practices from the world over and providing global opportunities with a holistic perspective of diverse cultures and traditions.

  1. Facilitation of Technology Driven Learning

The Society shall strive to inculcate new age 21st century skills, nurturing future ready life-long learners to navigate the challenges of the digital world, by extensive use of digital tools, thereby making learners technologically efficient and globally competent.


  1. Common Data Base Management for assessment of progress against prevailing benchmarks.

Emphasis will be laid on stronger Inter-unit connectivity. Robust and comprehensive systems shall be developed in order to create a paperless organization, where all processes are digitized for improved efficiency and fiscal monitoring.


  1. System Setting across Schools

Common comprehensive systems and policies shall be devised for smooth school administration, while ensuring that school policies are in sync with law of State to maintain accountability in the eyes of internal and external stakeholders.


  1. Counselling Cell at Society level

A counseling policy shall be drafted for schools. E-Career counselling services shall be provided to assess aptitude and facilitate educational and professional enrichment opportunities. E-counselling services and tie ups with external organizations shall ensure highest standards of development.


  1. Inter BBPS Connect

The Society shall take inventive measures to foster a spirit of collaboration and harmony amongst all schools by organizing academic, sporting and cultural events to facilitate bonding and promote a strong sense of allegiance and ownership.


  1. Branding and Social Media presence to reflect Achievements.

The Society recognizes the need to promote strong collaboration between all stakeholders to build brand CES. Enhanced visibility of the school Brand shall be ensured through social media campaigns and regular updation of school achievements in academics, sports and co-curricular activities. Collaboration with reputed social organizations shall be sought to promote the brand of each school.


  1. Emotional, spiritual and mental well-being through Yoga and Meditation

The Society aims to ensure highest standards of intellectual, physical, social, emotional and moral development of students through a multifaceted approach towards education. Regular yoga and meditation sessions shall facilitate mental, spiritual and emotional growth and help relieve stress and anxiety.


  1. Constructive Steps towards formulation of a strong Alumni Body

The Society shall endeavour to foster a strong sense of allegiance to the institution amongst school Alumni by undertaking initiatives such as digital outreach campaigns, Annual Alumni meets and social and professional collaboration.


  1. Exploring the possibility of Public/Pvt. Partnerships.

To realize its vision of creating a better world, the Society shall take active steps to forge associations with governmental and private organizations to promote local and global collaboration.


  1. Creating CES Centre for Excellence in Skill Development and to make provision for NEP 2020

In response to PM’s clarion call for Atma Nirbhar Bharat, CES Skill Development Centre will be established to develop employability skills amongst students and facilitate availability of stable vocational staff. Schools shall take on the responsibility of the management of key scholastic areas, while non-scholastic domains shall be outsourced. Tie ups with acclaimed institutions shall enable facilitation of vocational courses for students on weekends and/or during school break.


  1. Preservation of Intellectual Property

The Society shall create intellectual property to strengthen the brand through numerous social media initiatives and campaigns and organization of Annual CES event.


  1. School Advocacy

In order to reinforce and enhance our reputation as leaders in the education sector and to build a strong network of support (via respective shareholders), measures such as social media marketing, highlighting the school’s initiatives to aid staff and student growth, providing suitable incentives to students, parents and school employees to promote the brand and immediate redressal of grievances shall be undertaken. A specialized task force shall be formulated to implement action plan.

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